In what ways can 2dview make a Producer routine more efficient?

Maximizing productivity is inevitable to optimize business operations. As a result, it is critical to investigate the options for increasing production.


VFX producer’s nature of work

In a VFX studio, Producers are the ones who, increase productivity by overseeing the production process from the beginning of budgeting to the completion of the project with the client’s approval.


Project management entails, Understanding what needs to be done, determining whether the budget is adequate, collaborating with the team, ensuring the project runs within budget, managing the clients, and improving their satisfaction.


Considering all of the activities are interconnected and appear to be a difficult pattern, this necessitates a proactive producer who operates more proficiently every day in the midst of a complex structure.


Compared with what producers do, 2dview helps streamline mundane activities by simplifying the daily responsibilities.

Let’s dive into 2dview’s ability to simplify a Producer’s routine.

Many VFX Producers are generally engaged with this regular routine.


This picture illustrates how a VFX Producer must be vigilant and has to be able to make good decisions more quickly while handling multiple tasks.

The use of 2dview accelerates the Producers’ work and keeps them more prolific.

Functionalities Provided in 2dview that facilitates the producer to perform better

Daybook – To ensure you meet deadlines ahead

Maintaining Deadlines means more than just showing up on time, providing quality has an impact on the future of the business association with a client. All production areas will be impacted if deadlines are not met frequently.

How does 2dview assist with timely delivery?

2dview allows you to view all deliverables on one page, which gets populated using the ETA every day. Three types of ETAs are given: Client ETA, Delivery date, and End date. In addition, you can easily view past, present, and future deliverables with just a single click, along with their status and details.

Identifying irregularities and following up with the relevant artists and supervisors helps Producers make sure that the project is completed as planned and on time.

Gantt  Chart and Artist availability report – To allocate work more efficiently

It is indispensable to see real-time data in order to comprehend the current situation and accelerate planning. When actual data is lacking, the Producer is unable to discern what actions need to be taken, which makes planning difficult.


How does 2dview allocate resources effectively?

With 2dview, The Producer can see who is available to take on duties, which aids in job distribution, re-scheduling, and, most importantly, a method of proposing new projects.

An overview of the available resources serves as a guide for marketing when proposing new initiatives.

By filling gaps in the production schedule, it opens up the path for increased productivity.

Using the 2dview Gantt Chart and Artist availability report is the best way to determine available resources. Producers can act quickly and be more productive if they have all the required resources at hand.

Time Sheet – Makes Tracking the resources easy




Typically, when a Producer wishes to follow a resource’s activity and availability, he must approach the Supervisor to find out what the relevant person is working on and how the performance is on a regular basis, which is a time-consuming procedure.

How timesheet facilitates the management of human resources?

To save time and get to your goal of integrated data, 2dview offers a shortcut menu called Timesheet that contains full facts. The transparency records accessible here provide a complete history of employee performance.

Furthermore, keeping a track of the Resource Manager’s end helps to ensure timeliness among employees and also helps to retain control over all employees. Management of Attendance

Task and Day book – Instant status update

The producer needs immediate reports in order to plan for the next actions to be implemented.

Due to the lack of a significant status, priorities are pushed back.

How does 2dview help you stay updated on priority?

In the case of a job being put on hold or being highly prioritized for quick turnaround, the Producer, artists, and team involved in that project, must be notified. Besides causing confusion in production, not informing them would cause unnecessary costs.

In order to speed up the workflow of VFX creation and minimize time wasted searching, instant communication of current modifications is essential.

2dview inline edit enables easy updating of the current status as well as updates to a task on a page. This allows a Producer to plan their next move based on what’s going on.

Reports – Provides extensive data on every aspect of the studio



Accurate and timely reports are vital to either assess the success of an organization or to expand horizons.

How does 2dview’s report provide quick snapshot of studio’s over all activities?

Producing additional movements and making rapid decisions is impossible without precise data.

2dview’s Reports provide managers with detailed information on all aspects of production, which allows them to take immediate action. A single click will give you access to Studio Reports, Project Reports, Daybooks, Department Reports, Status Reports, Artist Reports, and Financial Reports.

These reports are available at any time and from any given location. Furthermore, reports may be scheduled and delivered by email at a time that is convenient. The reports would serve as a reminder alert to the Producer, informing them of the current state of production. It increases the Producer’s efficiency and makes him more productive at all times.

Using 2dview, the Producer who controls marketing, procurement, and other deliverable aspects with the customers may efficiently communicate on the real progress, minimise miscommunication, and successfully run the production company.

2dview enables the Producer to be more productive in daily tasks on a consistent but effortless basis.

2dview can help your studio ramp up business activities and accelerate swiftly each day in the right direction. Keeping abreast of the latest developments up your business game in myriad folds.

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