My Task

My Tasks is an important aspect available for all artists. The tasks assigned to the artists, will be listed out here with necessary data to enable the artist to proceed as per the schedule given. The Artist can view the tasks, in which they are involved in My Tasks panel.

  • Various input parameters available in My Tasks related to the tasks assigned are Shot Code, Task Name, Description, Task Type, Status, Accountable, Artist Bid, Actual vs Achieved, ETA time, Priority, Progress, Start Date, End Date and Quick Actions.
  • Shot/Asset toggle button provided to view the tasks, based on Shots / Assets category.
  • Status of the task assigned is viewable and artists can modify the status based on the progress of the task.
  • If you click on the task name of any shot, you will be redirected to a page with more data on the specific task which includes details, internal versionsexternal versions and event logs.
  • Click on Versions to view the feedbacks in the internal versions page and client feedbacks in the external versions page.
  • In the quick actions, we have the option to add versions to Dailies, Internal and External playlist.
  • There is an Event logs screen which displays any changes or updates made by any user in regard to the specific shot.
  • These provisions provide a detailed tracking experience for all users.
  • search option is provided to pinpoint any shot based on the task.
  • Filter option is provided with a wide range of options that helps in filtering our needed information.
  • Click on Filter, a side drawer titled Filter Settings opens. Fill the required content to view the desired results.
  • Through Filter, you could view specific Show, Accountable, Shot Code, Task Type, Work Status, Priority wise results..
  • Apart from this, there is also an option to add task notes & annotations, available in Quick Actions of My Tasks, in which either an artist can enter for their reference or a supervisor can add for the artist.