Asset Creation

An asset may be a stock footage or model, which is used to make a VFX shot that isn’t the plate.

To add an Asset
  • In 2dview, to create a new asset, select and click on the respective project in show Listing.
  • Then show section opens, wherein you could notice the Show overview and a Progress Monitor.
  • On the second half of the page, you will be noticing a datatable, where you can find asset tab.
  • Click on the asset tab in the Datatable, below there is an add icon.
  • Click on the add icon to add an asset.
  • A side drawer will be shown with multiple inputs parameters to add an asset.
  • Enter the Asset Name*, Asset Description*, Asset Type*, Task template, Creative brief, Select Task Template, Select Asset Template, Shots linked, Parent Asset, Sub Asset, Reference Path, Thumbnail and Custom settings.
  • Based on the inputs provided, assets will be created.
  • If any modification or deletion is to be done, it could be easily accessed with edit/delete buttons provided in the Quick Actions.
  • Search option is available to narrow down your results.
  • More options icon is provided to facilitate CSV Report, Selective Progress view, Status updates and Delete for multiple selections.
    • Download CSV – To download only the required colums from the datatable as a CSV report.  
    • Selective Progress – To view progress percentage for the assets selected.
    • Update Status – To update status for single or multiple assets selected.
    • Delete – To delete, select assets, which needs to be deleted and click on delete..
Linking Assets

Assets can be linked with a Shot or the Asset itself. An asset can either be linked as a parent or sub asset of the total creative available within a show.

  • To link a shot with an asset, Select any of the shot available from the Shots linked option.
  • To set the asset as a parent asset of many assets available within the show, Select any of the assets available from the Parent Asset option.
  • To set the asset as a sub asset of many assets available within the show, Select any of the assets available from Sub Asset option.

***Note: Only the assets and the shots of the same shows can be linked with each other.

Additional Details on Assets
  • Click on Filter and a side drawer opens titled Filter Settings.
  • Filter Settings display various parameters such as Asset name, Asset type, Status, Linked shots, Parent assets, Sub assets and so on.
  • The required data to be filled and click apply.
  • Side drawer appears with all the available options for you to select, check the one which you want to view in the datatable.
  • Click on Apply to save your results.
Universal Button

Also, we can create an asset through the Universal button.

  • Clicking on the Universal button opens a side drawer titled “Add New”, then select Asset, which in turn displays “Add New Asset” screen.
  • Then fill the required details and all other processes remain the same as mentioned above and the asset would be created.
  • Universal button is created to avoid switching over of pages frequently.