Attendance Management

With 2dview Attendance Management tool, monitoring the attendance of the artists on daily basis through their log-in access, can be done effectively & easily.

In the attendance platform, the artist availability calendar displays current status of availability on daily basis.

  • By viewing, we can easily identify the unavailable persons on a particular date.
  • Clicking on each date will show the availability status of every person.
  • Three main statuses available to express the presence or absence of the artists namely Working, Leave, and Exception.
  • Along with working status, the respective artists’ log-in time is displayed.
  • With the support of the status filter option, the desired status can be viewed.
  • The calendar for a specific user has been provided to track individual artists presence and leave.
  • To view the specific user, click on the user from the list or search that user in the search bar and their leaves will be populated below the calendar.

For more details on Leave updates, click here-> Leave Track