Dailies, a division of Playlist, used for the purpose of reviewing the shots. Dailies is an automatically generated playlist for temporary versions.   This Dailies can be viewed like updates from the individual artists about the status of the ongoing tasks on a day-to-day basis.  

All temporary versions are populated under “Dailies” division.  The supervisor can review the dailies version and can send feedback and notes. Being a temporary version playlist, used only for reviewing purpose and not connected with internal and external playlist.  

Clicking the review button will open the review screen.  In this screen, the supervisor can view the shot and give comments or approvals in the Add notes section.  

Using the wide range of Filters available in the Playlist, the Supervisor can view the desired results based on Show, Artist, Shot, Asset, Task type and status of the work. 

Additional functions in Playlist, can be viewed by clicking on three dotted icons, next to the Filter.  Refer image given.   

  • Lock playlist – Locks the current playlist and prevents users from adding further versions in that playlist.  
  • Archive playlist – For archiving the playlist   
  • Review playlist – For screening the playlist  
  • Email feedback – For sending feedback to all artists in the specific playlist as mail.  
  • Download feedback – For downloading the feedback as an pdf file.  

Search option is also available to narrow down your results.  Using drop down in the Search option, we can select “Pending / Approved / Rejected” individually, based on our requirement and view the results.  

Also, you can easily track the published artists and unpublished artists list in just a click over the total counts.  Refer the image given

List of Unpublished artists in a click.