Shot Template

Shot Template is created to define how a folder structure should be on a shot. Based on the created folder structure, when a shot is saved or rendered, it will be saved into the respective folder automatically.

*** Only the admin can create Shot Template.

If you are an admin

  • Click on the universal listing button on the top right corner.
  • Select Template from the Side drawer.
  • It would redirect you to the Template listing page, Select Shot.
  • Click on the Add New Template button available on the Shot Template Listing to create a new template.
  • A clone of default shot template will be created, where admin can edit the shot structure, adding/removing folders with the help of add/delete button available under quick actions.
  • Name of the Template can be edited by clicking on the edit icon beside template name.
  • By clicking on the Add Folder button, a new folder will be created and the new folder name can be edited by double-clicking on the folder name.
  • For creating a subfolder, redirect your cursor to the main folder, in which you need to create a subfolder and click on the add folder button under quick actions.
  • A new folder will be created and the name can be edited by double-clicking on the folder name.
  • To remove a folder/subfolder, click on the delete button under the quick actions.
    • Click on Save to create a shot template.

Note: The folder structure will be created in the configured path, once the shot is set to online from offline. Prior to the status changes, no folder will be created in the server path.