Packing Template

Packing template defines folder structure, followed at the time of packing a shot. This will be useful in creating different packing structures for different clients. By using Packing templates, you can pack shots easily.

*** Only the admin can create Packing Template.

If you are an admin

  • Click on the universal listing button on the top right corner.
  • Select Template from the Side drawer.
  • It would redirect you to the Template listing page, Select Packing.
  • Click on the Add New Template button available on the Packing Template Listing to create a new template.
  • The template can be renamed by clicking on the existing template name.
  • The copy of the default template can be edited by using add/remove buttons under quick actions.
  • The admin can create a folder by clicking on the Add button under quick actions and the folder name can be renamed by clicking on the existing folder name.
  • For creating a subfolder, redirect your cursor to the main folder in which you need to create a subfolder.
  • Click on the add folder button under quick actions and a new subfolder will be created.
  • The existing name can be changed by clicking on the respective folder.
  • Each folder and sub folder type and attribute can be chosen from the dropdown listed on their respective header.
  • Click on save to create a new packing template.
  • Packing template can be called on task level.
  • To remove the folder from the template, click on remove button under quick actions and save the template to save the changes made.