Project Report

The Project report is where you could view the various aspects of productivity, Projects wise. With the support of this report, tracking the current progress of every Project becomes easy and this guides us to examine the existing potential to have an appropriate workflow among projects handled.

  • To generate a Project report, go to the Report Section, Select Project Report from Report Type, then select desired Show from Show list. Then click on the Run button.
  • Only a click on the Run button would pave the way to view the results intended.
  • This report mainly concentrates on total shots, assets, tasks, total artists and departments involved in a show and provides Actual vs Achieved manday stats.
  • In simple, statistics of Actual vs Achieved shows the actual days allocated for a show vs the achieved mandays so far, which would give an exact count on how many days are saved or consumed on a particular show.
  • Task Status Overview chart provides stats on total tasks count and progress percentage, status wise for every project. Color codes at a glimpse explain itself, in brief, the real-time scenario, when one gets attuned to it.
  • The generated reports can be instantly downloaded via the Download button.

The report can also be scheduled with defined time and frequency, using Add Template. For elaborate details on Scheduling a report, click here -> Scheduling Reports.