CSV Ingestion

In the show, a shot is the first input we receive, which has to be ingested in an organized method, so that the rest of the inputs are categorized most appropriately.

Shots can be ingested in two different ways.

  • CSV Ingestion
  • Manual Ingestion (Intervals)
CSV Ingestion

CSV ingestion is beneficial while ingesting a huge number of tasks or Shots. You can even assign shot, set deadlines and add respective supervisors directly through a CSV file.

  • To ingest a shot using a CSV file, go to Shots tab.
  • Select Shots and Click on the Add icon, after which a side drawer with titled Add shot displays.
  • Select “Import CSV” from the Add shot side drawer.

On selecting Import CSV wizard, a side drawer opens, where you can drag and drop the CSV file or you can browse from it.

  • For reference purposes, there is a sample CSV available for download for the first-time users to check on how to enter the values.
  • Fill the Parameters in CSV file such as Sequence, Shot code, Head in, Tail Out, Cut in, Cut out, Frames per Second, Plate Path, Task, Task Description, Client Bid, Client ETA, Artist Bid, Start Date, End Date, Artist, Accountability, Delivery Date, Annotation, Priority and Complexity.
  • After selecting the CSV, click next.
  • Clicking on Next, after selecting the CSV file, redirects to the Map Column headers page, where we will be mapping the header suitable for the column.
  • This would be very much useful when you have your own excel sheet of different column headings and just swapping the header will get the things fixed.
  • Three rows with all the columns will appear in the drawer for us to map the headers. Headers comprise predefined parameter of the Shots and tasks where you can select the appropriate column with the Predefined parameter.
  • Once correctly mapped, we can proceed by clicking the next button.
  • Next button on the Map Column Headers redirects to fix errors (if any) in Red Cells page, where the errors with naming highlighted with the red colour. The validations made against the input available on the platform such as artist name, accountability, etc.
  • You can select the available option directly on the page or else you can make changes in the CSV sheet and reinitiate from the beginning.
  • On clicking the next button available at the bottom of the screen, a summary box is displayed with the total number of shots created/updated.
Summary Box
  • The Summary box is created to cross-check data of total count of shots uploaded and the total count of shots ingested.
  • On confirmation click over Summary box, the shots get ingested in the show automatically.
  • After summary box confirmation click, the shots get added in the show page and the screen will look like this.
Universal Button
  • The CSV ingestion can also be done by using “Universal button”.
  • Clicking on Universal button opens a side drawer titled “Add New”..
  • Then select Shot, a side drawer titled “Add New Shot” opens.
  • Fill the required details and all other processes remain the same as mentioned above.
  • Universal button is provided to avoid switching over of pages frequently.

For details on Manual ingestion, click here -> Manual Ingestion.