Client Creation

Client plays a vital role in every business.  In 2dview, each show is tagged with a client’s name.

Client can view Daybook, Dashboard and Playlist related to their projects. Daybook displays deliverables, Dashboard shows progress of the project and Playlist assists in reviewing the published versions.

*** Only the admin can create Client.

If you are an admin

  • Click on the universal listing button on the top right corner.
  • Select Client from the Side drawer.
  • It would redirect to the Client listing page.
  • To create a new client, click on the add button available on the top right corner of the datatable.
  • The Side drawer opens from the right, wherein the required data to be filled.
  • Enter the Client Name*, Description and E-mail* of the respective client.
  • Click on Add to create a Client.

Note: After creating a Client, the admin must activate the Client in the listing panel. Till then, the Client remains inactive.