Status Report

The Status report carries the actual task data of the selected status across the studio. The main objective of the Status report is to keep us updated on progress, accomplishments and upcoming tasks for the entire studio.

  • To generate a Status report for all shows, go to Report Section, select Status Report in Report Type, then select the desired status from dropdowns.
  • To generate the Status report for individual / multiple shows, go to filter and click on it.
  • In the side drawer titled filter, select desired shows from the dropdowns and click on apply.
  • Then click on the Run button.
  • A click on the Run button would pave the way to view the results intended.
  • The report comprises the name of shows, shot/asset codes, frame range, task, artist, start, end date & client ETA including last version and delivery date. Required contents at one glimpse reveal all essentials and switching over pages is avoided.
  • The generated reports can be instantly downloaded via the Download button.

The report can also be scheduled with defined time and frequency using Add Template. For elaborate details on Scheduling a report, click here -> Scheduling Reports.