Templates and Schedule List

In simple, Template and schedule list is a summary of Scheduled reports. Here, you can find the reports that are scheduled to deliver in a particular time.

  • This list contains details such as Name of the report, Report type, Frequency in Days, Delivery End date, Next Execution time, Date range, Start date, End date and Recipients.
  • By clicking the number in the recipient column, we can view the recipients’ email addresses for that template.
  • Edit/Review/Delete options are provided in Quick actions.
  • To edit the template, click on the edit option under the quick actions menu.
  • The search option has been provided to narrow down your desired results.

Downloading a Scheduled Report

The Scheduled report is also available for download in case you want to look out for a report which has been delivered long back.

  • Click on the review button available on the quick actions of the scheduled report.
  • A side drawer with all the delivered reports in the past will be shown.
  • Click on the download option to download the desired report.