Timesheet Highlights

Time Sheet is the first piece of proof for transparency in calculating the hours utilized for any task or asset by an artist on a day-to-day basis. It aids Supervisors to track individual artist productivity and permits artists to review their entries and be responsible for their own performance. Timesheet plays a vital role in ensuring every project is getting the attention it needs to reach the end goal successfully.

In 2dview, this is how a typical artist timesheet would look like.

    • Timesheet is categorized into two, based on its functions – User Timesheet, where adding log is possible and User Timesheet Review, where the reviewing takes place.
    • Adding the log by Artists is the first step to display their tasks performed every day.
    • Reviewing the log by the Supervisors helps in scheduling tasks, analyzing artists efficiency and tracking productivity.
    • Added logs can be viewed for previous months too.
    • Colour codes in Timesheet are set in a meaningful way to categorize the scenarios such as weekends, leaves, hours logged, unlogged and for the selection of a specific date.
    • Each category is given a unique colour to distinguish one from another easily.

For more details, click here – “Add log Timesheet” / “Log review Timesheet”.