Scheduling Reports

You can instantly generate and download any report as and when required or have an option to schedule reports at a time convenient to you. The report would be generated automatically and will be available for download as an excel file.

The report must be generated first with required parameters before scheduling or downloading. After generating a report, you can schedule the report by the following procedures.

  • Click on Add Template button and a side drawer opens titled Save Report would display.
  • Fill data such as Report Name, Frequency, Report Delivery End Date, Schedule time to trigger and Select recipients to schedule based on your requirements and save the report.
  • The reports scheduled, would automatically reach the respective e-mail address on scheduled time.
  • Receiving reports on a scheduled time acts as a reminder, which draws our attention and enables us to give priority to analyze the available stats, frequently which in turn enhances our productivity.

Note: Artists and admins are not the recipients on reports.