Screening Interface

The 2dview reviewing screen would look like this.  

The available tools are  

  • Ellipse – for drawing an elliptical object  
  • Rectangle  – For drawing a rectangular  object  
  • Free line   – Can be used as a pen  
  • Text   –   User for adding text  
  • Arrow  – Used for inserting arrows  
  • Undo & Redo  – Revert back mistakes  
  • Select – For selecting the object.  
  • Delete   – To delete the selected object.  
  • Stroke – To change the color of the pen  
  • Size – To increase the size of the pen  
  • Fill color – To change the color of the text.  
  • The screening player consists of play and pause options which we can use to control playback.  
  • To add an annotation, simply pause the player and add annotations by using the tools.  
  • We can add feedback in the feedback section.  
  • Each time when you add an annotation and feedback note, it will be populated in the feedback section.  
  • We can use a slider to move forth and backward.  
  • We can use the playback rate button for adjusting the rate of speed of playing.   
  • There will be a mark in the timeline whenever you put an annotation on a frame.  
  • We could also add notes to the shots.  
  • Clicking on the annotation in the feedback section will show a preview of the feedback.  
  • Clicking the green color tick button will approve the shot (i.e. the status will be changed to approved in the playlist) and red color x button will reject the shot.