Manual Ingestion

In the show, a shot is the first input we receive, which has to be ingested in an organized method, so that the rest of the inputs are categorized most appropriately.

Shots can be ingested in two different ways.

Manual Ingestion (Intervals)
  • To create a bunch of shots on the go, this option can be used.
  • Go to the Show overview panel and select Shots, which redirects to Shots section.
  • Click on the Add icon, a side drawer titled “Add Shot” opens, Select the sequence in which the shots need to be added and then click on Manual Ingestion.
  • On clicking Manual ingestion, the Manual ingestion panel displays, wherein Separator, Padding need to be selected from the dropdowns.
  • Then, mention start frame (Starting number of the shot in that batch), End frame (Ending number of the shot in that Batch) and Interval, the numerical difference in which the shot number is ascending.
  • Then click on add icon and the shots get added in the show.

Example of Intervals Content

  • Start frame: 1500
  • End frame: 1525

If the frame range ascends with intervals of 5, i.e. 1500, 1505, 1510, 1515, 1520 & 1525, then the intervals to be filled is numerical 5. This enables to add shots in the show automatically as per the intervals mentioned.

Universal Button
  • The Manual ingestions can also be done by using “Universal button”.
  • Clicking on Universal button opens a side drawer titled “Add New”, then select Shot, which in turn displays “Add New Shot”.
  • Then fill the required details and all other processes remain the same as mentioned above.
  • Universal button is provided to avoid switchover of pages frequently.