Shot Creation

Shots are essential aspects of a movie and are segments of edited material, i.e. footage between two edits or cuts. In 2dview, shots panel is fully sophisticated with various required parameters, ingestion facilities, linking options and so on, to fulfil the consecutive operations.

Add Shot
  • In the Show, Shot is available as a tab over the datatable.
Native Shot Adding
  • To add a single Shot in the show, go to tabs available above the datatable, Select Shot, which will redirect to “Shot” section.
  • Then, click on Add icon, a side drawer titled Add Shot will be shown with various parameters. 
  • Various parameters of Shot are *Show, Shot category, *Sequence Name, *Shot code, Shot Thumbnail, *Shot Description, View All Fields, Manual IngestionImport CSV and Custom Fields.
  • Fill in the required parameters except for Manual Ingestion & Import CSV, which are mainly available for a bundle of shots.
  • View All Fields have a list of validations such as Information, Plate Path, Cut In, Cut Out, Head In, Tail Out, Frame Range, Handles, Frame Per Second, Focal Length, Working Range, Shooting Date, Shooting Supervisor, Assets Linked, Parent Shot, Sub Shot and Select Task Template.
  • With duly filled data, click on “Add icon” and the new Shot gets added.
  • If any modification or deletion is to be done, can be easily accessed with edit / delete buttons provided in the Quick actions.
  • Search option is available to narrow down your results.
  • More options icon is provided to facilitate CSV Report, Selective Progress view, Status updates and Delete for multiple selections.
    • Download CSV – To download only the required colums from the datatable as a CSV report.  
    • Selective Progress – To view progress percentage for the shots selected.
    • Update Status – To update status for single or multiple selected shots.
    • Delete – Select a single or multiple shots, whichever needs to be deleted, click on Delete. A shot can be deleted only after deletion of its tasks.


Additional Details
  • Click on Filter and a side drawer opens titled Filter Settings.
  • Filter Settings displays various parameters such as Shot, Season, Episode, Sequence, Spot, Status, Progress and Select Custom Field from dropdowns.
  • Fill the required data and then click apply.
  • This enables us to get the desired results in a short period of time.

The columns in the datatables can be customised as per the requirements.

  • Select Column icon available in the Shot datatable.
  • Side drawer appears with all the available options for you to select, check the one which you want to view in the datatable.
  • Click on Apply to save your results.
Universal Button
  • Also, the Shot can be created by using Universal button.
  • Click on the universal add button.
  • A side drawer opens titled “Add New”, then select Shot, which in turn displays “Add New Shot”.
  • Then fill the required details and all other processes remain the same as mentioned above.
  • Universal button is provided to avoid switchover of pages frequently.