Season Creation

Seasons are a collection of episodes aired within a specific frame and a primary reference of the Series. Based on the show, we may require adding Seasons and the seasons get interlinked with the show through Episodes. Let’s see how the season could be added in the Show in 2dview.

Add Season

In 2dview, Seasons available as a tab over the datatable.

Season Section
  • To add a Season, go to the subtabs available above the datatable, Select Season, which will redirect to the Season section.
  • Then, click on Add icon, a side drawer titled Add Season will be shown with *Show, *Season Name and Season Description.
  • With duly filled details, click on the “Add icon” and the new Season gets added.
  • If any modification or deletion is to be done, it could be easily accessed with edit / delete buttons provided in the Quick actions.
  • Search option is available to narrow down the results.
Linking Seasons
  • To link the Shots with the Seasons, go to the Episode section, after creating the new Season.
  • Select the season by clicking on edit tool available under the Season name, then click on Save.
  • This enables Season added with Episodes.
Universal Button
  • The other way to add a new Season is to get it set through the Universal button.
  • Additionally, show name to be included as a first step and then follow the above-said procedures and the Season will get added.

Note: When we add through show page, the show automatically gets displayed in Add Season screen.